In the pub, the perfect pint of GUINNESS® Draught should be served using a "two-part" pour. First, the glass is tilted to a neat 45 degrees and the GUINNESS® stout poured until the glass is three quarters full. Once the surge has settled, the glass is then filled to the brim. It takes about 119.5 seconds to pour the perfect pint.
According to the Guinness official Website, this is how you are to pour the perfect glass of Guinness draught:
While we at Hank's certainly respect the makers of Guinness (a whole lot!), Hank thinks waiting 119.5 seconds is way too long.  So, at Hank's, the Guinness goes from the tap,to the glass, to your lips as quickly as possible.  Besides, that way you get to watch the Guinness cascade, which is part of the beauty of this magical brew.
How To Pour The Perfect Guinness:
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Bob Marley's Bathwater
(Sounds disgusting, doesn't it)
(This is Kurt's own recipe)

In a tall glass, add:

Lemon slice is optional